Richard Ibbotson

With a long background in development and management of autism services, I have led small and large staff teams to deliver successful supports across all ages, level of needs and situations.

My approach is based on expecting success and working together to find solutions.

I take a creative approach to any situation and look forward to chatting about your needs and how I can help.

My skills, knowledge and experience includes:

  • BPhil Autism
  • 25+ years’ service leadership
  • Development of innovative serviced solutions
  • Experienced presenter (national and international conferences)
  • National and local autism strategies
  • Established new autism charity
  • Creator of ‘What I do’ and ‘Who Am I’ profile tools and ‘The Success Balance’ for community placements

Ask Richard Offers

Bespoke Training

  • Autism Awareness
  • Understanding Neurodiversity
  • Autism and Hoarding
  • Autism and Employability
  • Active  lifestyles
  • Successful service delivery

Individuals & Families

  • Assessments and guidance to understand the individual’s motivations, expectations and ambitions.
  • Support families to explore what to do next.
  • Support individuals or families to develop plans and to negotiate effectively with organisations and system.


  • Development and delivery of training courses in autism.
  • Individual assessments, service design and planning.
  • Addressing complex needs.
  • Develop staff confidence.
  • Mentoring individual managers.


  • Team training programmes.
  • General workplace reviews.
  • Workplace reviews specific to an individual’s needs.
  • Advice and support to HR personnel ( recruitment, support, management processes).

Autistic Employees

  • 1:1 advice for getting and keeping a job.
  • SPARK – Occupational skills assessment – are you ready for work?
  • Support in identifying reasonable adjustments that would help.
  • Support in dealing with formal processes.